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Dr. Stafford on 105.1 THE BUZZ
Brushing & flossing habits, morning breath and of course, the Candy Buy Back 2014 are all discussed on the Daria, Mitch and Ted Show!
Dr. Stafford in the News!
The Art of Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Stafford was on AM Northwest talking about the science and art behind cosmetic dentistry and why cosmetic dentistry is more than just a smile! Watch the video»

Come to a Trial Smile Party!
Dr. Stafford's Cosmetic Dentistry

A Trial Smile is an instant smile makeover that will temporarily show you how beautiful your smile can be. Here’s a chance to “test drive” a new smile. A $450 value that Stafford Smiles is offering at no charge for a limited time!
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